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Kim-Toy Reynolds Huh ´77

Nancy Farwell ´73

Camel kindness

Chris Hensman ´03

Changing course: CC students talk about why they transferred here

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Changing course

By Amy Rogers Nazarov ´90

CC students talk about why they transferred here.

Giving the gift of opportunity

By Julie Novak

Trustee Ann Werner Johnson ´68 takes a special interest in upgrading CC´s living and learning spaces.

Rethinking the study of race

By Barbara Nagy

David Kyuman Kim, director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, has a new vision for CC.

Bowling in Cro

By Julie Novak

Monica Dale ´79, daughter of the late professor of music William H. Dale, recalls the joys of living on campus as a faculty child.

In Memoriam

By Daniel Clem ´98

Remembering Paul Fell, the Katherine Blunt Professor of Zoology.


By Carolyn Battista

In 1918, Connecticut College faced down a threat that´s worrying us again today — avian flu.

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