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Fluvial geomorphologist gets his feet wet

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Douglas Thompson, associate professor of geology, likes to get his feet wet

The interest began when he was a young boy growing up near the Sudbury River in Eastern Massachusetts, and now, years later, little has changed. A fluvial geomorphologist, Thompson divides his time between the classroom, his major research project in Maine and a multitude of rivers and streams in between... (click title to read more)

Fanning takeover, 20 years later

Written by Julie Novak

Twenty years ago, CC students were fed up. A group of students, including Franklin Tuitt ´87, Eduardo Castell ´87 and those who advocated for diversity, drafted a 27-page "statement of expressions" highlighting issues facing students of color and ways to address them. They asked for more support for Unity House, an affirmative action policy and more training for faculty and staff... (click title to read more)

Bengochea joins CC community in a path-breaking role

Mary Howard

A political scientist and academic administrator at Brown University, Bengochea joined the College community on July 1. In this newly created position, he serves as senior diversity officer and chief student affairs officer. He will explore and create new ways to advance diversity across the campus, including through the educational program, co-curricular life, faculty-student engagement and hiring... (click title to read more)

MOBROC leaves the barn

Every alumnus knows the building, a faded green structure that stands behind the central campus tennis courts, settled between Cro and the Plex. The squash court, a.k.a. "The Barn," has long been a source of curiosity and intrigue. While no one has played squash in the Barn for years, the building is alive with energy. It is home to "Musicians Organized for Band Rights on Campus" (MOBROC), Conn´s innovative student club responsible for spawning bands like indie sensation Clap You Hands Say Yeah (comprised of Alec Ounsworth ´00, Tyler Sargent ´00, Robbie Guertin ´02, Lee Sargent ´00 and Sean Greenhalgh ´01) and avant-garde musician Graham Reynolds ´93, score composer for this summer´s motion picture "A Scanner Darkly."... (click title to read more)

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