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Mary Howard

Connecticut College´s host city is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. In the last five years, art galleries, ethnic restaurants and several eclectic shops have joined New London´s more established businesses, like the venerable Dutch Tavern and Caruso Music. On State Street alone, you´ll find a chocolate café, a coffee bar, a first-rate flower shop, a yoga studio and restaurants serving Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Indian food. There´s even an Irish pub. Elsewhere in the city, vintage shops, antique stores, a cheese market, a wine cellar and a Fair Trade store are all thriving...

Sprucing up the Arbo

The Arboretum is getting a facelift. The pond will be dredged, and a number of arborvitae and Eastern hemlocks will be removed and replaced with sugar maples, oaks, laurels and rhododendrons...

Mother Duck

David Treadwell

She´s raised gorillas, orangutans, raccoons, parrots, lions, lambs and a cheetah in her home. Millions have seen the animals in her charge on television, film and print. As producer of the widely popular “Captain Kangaroo” television show, she won two Emmys. Her daughter describes her as a combination of Dr. Doolittle and Noah...

Eugene B. Kogan ´03

Mary Howard

Eugene Kogan ´03 and his family had much to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. The day marked the family´s 10th anniversary in the United States. Kogan, his parents and brother came to the U.S. from Russia in 1996, and, according to Kogan, his life was forever changed. "America gave me a fair chance to become all I could be," he wrote in the November 2006 edition of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven´s newsletter...

David Dorfman Dance named company-in-residence at CC

David Dorfman Dance, considered one of the most influential American contemporary dance companies for the past two decades, has been permanently named company-in-residence at Connecticut College...

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