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Peter Som ´93: A Designing Life

Summer 2007

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Living on Rock ´N´ Roll

Rebecca Rose Shapiro ´95, director of publicity at Shore Fire Media and Andy Karp ´89, executive vice president and head of A&R for Atlantic Records, will host an online music chat Oct. 3 at 9 p.m.


Since rock ´n´ roll´s beginnings in the 1950s, competition for a career in the music industry has been fierce. The recent splintering of the major record label system, due to a decline in CD sales, has only made it more competitive. Nevertheless, four Connecticut College alumni have made their marks in this make-or-break industry.

Reunion ´07: bigger, better, brighter

Rachel Harrington

The College hosted 1,200 alumni, guests and friends for a weekend of relaxing and socializing — as well as panel discussions on topics from feminism to turmoil in the Mideast, tours of renovated classrooms and class dinners. Alumni registrations were up 20 percent from last year.

Alumni from 1932 to 2002 converged on campus for a rousing Reunion.


We are sitting here, my mother, my sister, and I. We are eating peaches. We kneel on thin cushions around the plate of fruit, by the sliding rice-paper paneled door, where a hot breeze filters in with the hazy late afternoon sun. It is mid-July, and the sky hangs low over Taegu City, filling the tangled streets with damp heat and the smell of rain.

The Little House That Could

by Doug Royalty

The year was 1933. Millions were unemployed, undernourished, poorly housed. Yet in Chicago that summer, optimism reigned. There, people flocked to the “Century of Progress” World´s Fair to behold the latest marvels of American industry. Inside the fair´s gates, they dodged Wonder Bread delivery boys on bikes; gazed at refrigerators humming in the General Electric pavilion; and inspected the dozen “houses of tomorrow” that promised to revolutionize the American dream.

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Strong opinions abound in the controversy over evolution versus intelligent design. While the Christian Right and its supporters argue that a biblically based theory of creation should be taught in public schools, counter-groups strongly disagree. To date, partisans on one side or the other have written much of the existing literature on the subject. But Kimberly Richards ´07, a religious studies and government major, has changed that.

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