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Through the Grape Vine: Scott Hafner ´80, Managing Partner Hafner Vineyard

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Through the Grapevine

by Jordana Gustafson ´01

Scott Hafner ´80, managing partner of Hafner Vineyards, gives insight into the business of fine wine.

*The Jan. 3 chat with Scott Hafner is now over.*

Thank you to Scott and all chat participants!

Spinning the Oval Office

by Amy Rogers Nazarov ´90

Martha Joynt Kumar ´63 analyzes decades of presidential communications

Where are we now?

by Chris Reilly ´07

The College´s newest alumni already have stories to tell.

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Making the Grade: The College´s Green Report Card

by Stan Decoster

Connecticut College is on the cutting edge of environmentalism among its peers, but are we as green as we can be?

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Opening the door to Fellowships

by Theresa Sullivan Barger

The College is bolstering its support for students seeking high-profile national fellowships and scholarships. As alumni can attest, the outcomes are life-changing.

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How to Live. What to Do.

Professor of English John Gordon gives advice to new freshman in his Convocation 2007 speech. Read the full text here (excerpted in the Fall 2007 print version of CC: Magazine).

Philosophy Songs

by Mary Howard

Professor translates ideas into lyrics. View the story to hear his songs.

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