Connecticut College Magazine · Winter 2008


Filmmakers Sean Fine ´96 and his wife Andrea earned an Academy Award nomination for their powerful documentary, but they want audiences to focus on the children of war-torn northern Uganda.

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(More) Bodies in Motion:
Expanded CC: Online Feature

by Tracy Teare ´07

Our feature "Bodies in Motion" from the print edition of CC: Connecticut College Magazine with additional profiles of Jim Evans ´82, Vanessa Stevenson ´04 and Lori Kessel ´04.

CC Online Exclusive: Reflections on Peru

by Varun Swamy ´01

Varun Swamy ´01, now a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University, joined Manuel Lizarralde, associate professor of anthropology, as co-teacher of a month-long Tropical Ecology and Ethnobotany field course.

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"War/Dance" triumphs

Their powerful documentary has earned Sean Fine ´96 and his wife, Andrea Nix Fine, a Sundance Film Festival award and an Oscar nomination.

The Craft of Editing

by Doug Royalty

As editor of American Craft, Andrew Wagner ´95 wants to tell a few good stories — and find some common ground for two generations of artists

The Psychology of Debt

by Theresa Sullivan Barger

A professor´s new book explores the why of our collective empty pockets

Lives: Jon Krawczyk ´92 & Chad Marlow ´94

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