Connecticut College Magazine · Fall 2010


Alumni take the spotlight at Reunion for a photoshoot with Anne Reno Geddes ´93.

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Camera Ready

By Phoebe Hall

Anne Reno Geddes ´93 captures hundreds of alumni on film at Reunion

Lessons Learned

By Crai Bower ´84
Illustrations by Dennis Balough

Alumni tell Crai Bower ´84 how the words of their professors still guide them years after leaving the classroom

Food for Thought

By Whit Richardson ´02

Through education and activism, Michelle Moon ´93 plants the seeds for a sustainable future

The New New London Hall

The College will invest more than $20 million to create a state-of-the-art building for life sciences and computer science

All the Write Reasons

By Rachel Harrington

Craig Timberg ´92 wants to change Western preconceptions with his forthcoming book on AIDS in Africa

Tree Keeper

By Leslie Rovetti

Grounds Supervisor Jim Luce bans topiary, goes native and revolutionizes the campus landscape

Taking Connecticut College to a new level of excellence

By Barbara Nagy

With three years left and $58 million to go, four priorities shape the Campaign — and the College

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