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Corrie Searls '14, an art history major from Minneapolis, at the site of her dream internship last summer, Christie's auction house at New York City's Rockefeller Plaza. Photo by Karsten Moran

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Dream Internships

by Amy Martin

80% of students are taking the College up on an offer almost unheard of in higher education — and it's increasing their employability after graduation

The Mayor of Connecticut College

by Ed Cohen

Lee Higdon's seven-year term of endearment

College picks its next president

Old Lyme Native Katherine Bergeron is a scholar of musicology and a senior administrator at Brown University

College launches sustainability plan

It includes a renovated historic landmark with a new mission, best selling novelist Julia Alvarez speaking on campus, and a slew of new courses focused on environmental justice


The inside story on Jonathan McBride '92, Carolyn Fuchs '96, Adam Rogowin '03, Jessica Soffer '07, Oscar and Edgardo Monteon '09 and Zoe Madden '12

Birth of a Notion

How Connecticut College became a pioneer in environmental studies and land conservation


The College raises $211 million, its biggest fundraising campaign yet. Read how the money is changing the campus, the academic program — and students' lives.

Beneath a Shark-Filled Sky

Text and photography by Varun Swamy '01

In the waters around a fabled treasure island, an ecologist finds a trove of life

The Long Arm of Indifference

by Lauren Hartzell Nichols '03

How we respond to evidence of climate change will affect more than just the environment of the future


“Listening to Sea Lions” and eight other alumni and faculty titles

Ask a Camel

by Laurie Norton Moffatt '78

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About… Norman Rockwell

What I'll remember

Leo I. Higdon, Jr., reflects on his seven years as president

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