Key Policy

Keys are longer accepted for return at the gatehouse. Keys can be deposited in the campus mail slot at the campus post office in Crozier-Williams at any time. There will be a supply of envelopes there.

People turning in keys must record their name, building and room number on the envelope, place the key in the envelope, seal it and deposit in the campus mail slot.

College community members should now go to the new Camel Card Office in the College Center at Crozier-Williams for:

  • keys
  • motor vehicle registration and parking tags
  • Camel Cards (College ID) 

The Campus Safety office in Nichols House, south campus, handles:

  • Lost and found items
  • Ticket/parking violation appeal forms (also available at the gatehouse)

Contact Information:

Campus Safety Office
Phone: 860-439-2251

Campus Safety Officers:

Email Stewart Smith,

Campus Safety Office
Nichols House, South Campus

Gatehouse, main College entrance