Connecticut College understands how challenging dining with medical dietary needs can be.  The College is committed to supporting students with medical dietary disabilities and/or conditions with reasonable accommodations to provide equal access to the College’s meal plan and/or dining facilities. 

The College believes that a major feature of attending a residential college is the opportunity for all students to live with one another.  As such, all students enrolled at Connecticut College are required to live in College housing and purchase a College meal plan.  Dietary accommodations can be facilitated through Dining Services where every reasonable effort will be made to support a student’s dietary needs while maintaining Connecticut College’s belief that dining with fellow students is an important facet of life at a residential college.

A Brief Introduction:

Menu Transparency

We take a multifaceted approach to ensuring food allergy safety. 

Menus posted online 

Dining services provides full and complete menus online one week in advance. The most common allergens — milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish — are highlighted, but each ingredient is listed! The menu website also allows you to review the nutritional information (calories, fat, sodium levels, etc) for each menu item.

Special allergen free selections

Each dining hall features an "allergen free pantry" and/or "allergen free cooler" which includes a selection of gluten-free breads, lactose-free milks, alternatives to nut butter, gluten-free granolas, lactose-free desserts and gluten-free desserts and snacks, among other items.

Avoiding cross contact

The staff has been trained to use precautions to avoid cross-contact. Students, however, can be responsible for cross contact as our platforms are self-service. If you are concerned about cross contact, you can always ask a cook to serve you from a fresh pan of food with a clean utensil. Just ask to speak to a cook or a supervisor. 

Have a food allergy? Register with dining services

If you have food allergies, please complete this information and release form to allow us to better serve you.

We can assist with all of the above, We can also offer more information and accommodations based on your individual medical needs.

Policy on Accommodation

Please click here to view the College's policy on dietary accommodations.  


Need more information?

For additional information on allergy accommodations or for general questions please contact:

Christopher Manfredi
General Manager, Board Plan
Dining Services

Donna Trissel
Administrative Assistant
Dining Services

Student Health Services