Nutrition and Health Information

As a student, you'll enjoy varied, nutritious and healthy meal options at all College dining halls, which include vegetarian and vegan offerings. Some residence halls and theme houses, such as 360 House, Earth House and Lazrus allow students to do their own meal preparations. The College's new on-campus organic gardening group, SPROUT! even provides fresh organic seasonal vegetables to the dining halls.

Students can call upon the office of Student Wellness and Alcohol/Drug Education as a resource on all aspects of wellness. Also The Health Peer Educators Group, a dedicated group of student leaders, are committed to educating the campus on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Faculty and staff: look into the the College's Wellness Program that provides a personalized approach to healthy living by assisting you in reducing health risks through assessment, education, goal setting and referrals.

The following Web sites are great resources for information on nutrition and health.

Vegetarian Times Magazine
Vegetarian Journal
Healthy Weight Journal