Meals in the dining halls are "all-you-care-to-eat." Take what you can eat, but please refrain from taking more than you can eat. Come back for a clean plate and have more if you want. Please be responsible and don't waste food.

Serving yourself

Please remember to use the tongs provided at all stations. Do not use your bare hands to serve yourself food. Please be considerate and responsible, and show concern for your health and the health of those around you.

After you eat

Please take your silverware and dishes and drop them at the dishroom window.

Please exit the dining room by using the two sets of front doors. All other doors are emergency exits only.

Taking food from the dining halls

In general, food is to be consumed in the dining rooms only. After a meal, you are permitted to take one of the following items with you: a bagel, a cookie, a piece of fruit, or an ice cream cone/cup. In addition, you may fill your own beverage container of 20 oz. or less.

Silverware, glasses, mugs, plates and trays CANNOT leave the dining room.

No Tupperware or "to go" containers are permitted, other than for a beverage.

We want to hear from you

If you can't find something, please see any food service worker or ask for a supervisor.

Have a suggestion or complaint? Please leave us a "napkin notes" and we will respond to you promptly. The bulletin board to post napkin notes is near the beverage machines in the Harris dining room.