Common Interest Communities provide students with the opportunity to live in a space around a common interest. In an effort to emphasize the co-curricular approach and collaborative nature of Connecticut College, we are changing the Common Interest process to more directly involve the faculty/staff adviser of the group. To interview as part of the application process for a Common Interest space, your adviser must be present. To participate, 51% of your group, as well as your adviser, must interview and demonstrate how your efforts will contribute to the Connecticut College residential experience.

Requirements for Common Interest Communities

  • Groups have a minimum of five residents and a maximum of 20 residents.
  • Groups may apply for a corridor in a residence hall.
  • Identify a theme for your residence that will enhance the residential experience at Connecticut College.
  • Identify a faculty or staff member who agrees to act as adviser to the community and will participate in your presentation.
  • Attend a one-hour Common Interest Group Leader Training.
  • Educate community members on topics directly related to the community theme. This could take the form of bulletin boards, flyers, discussion during community meetings, online resources shared with community members or other agreed upon means.
  • Host at least one event for the Connecticut College community per semester. Collaboration with REAL student staff is encouraged.
  • If your Common Interest depends on collaboration with another office in order to be successful, that office must be involved in the planning of your Common Interest in advance of your application.

Possible Common Interest Community themes:

  • Social justice
  • Student organizations and clubs (SCUDs, La Unidad, etc.)
  • Centers (PICA, CISLA, etc.)
  • Majors (Government, Chemistry, etc.)
  • Charities (Relay for Life, Heifer Project, etc.)

If you are interested in wellness, language, or sustainability as a theme, please consider Specialty Housing as a housing option.

Applying for Common Interest Housing

Applications are available here. Once your application is reviewed, you will be extending an invitation to sign up for a presentation time during the first week of February. Presentations will require at least 51% of your group (as well as your adviser) unless you've previously spoken with the REAL Office (if you're abroad).  You will be asked to share on your Common Interest, answer questions about your topic, and detail its potential impact on the residential experience at Connecticut College. Your presentation should address the domains of the Common Interest Rubric. All advisers are asked to sign the Common Interest Adviser Expectations sheet and bring it to the presentation.    

For Current Common Interest Groups

All approved Common Interest groups are asked to complete a Community Development Plan.

View evaluations for your program.