Campus Resources

Although Connecticut College does not have specific programs for students with disabilities it does provide a variety of services to all its students, some of which may be of particular interest to students with disabilities. In addition to the Office of Student Accessibility Services, campus resources for students with disabilities include:

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services. Janet Spoltore, Ph.D., Director, Warnshuis Health Center, 860-439-2275, campus ext. 2275 to make an appointment

Counseling Services provides both individual counseling sessions and off-campus referrals, if indicated, and coordinates campus support groups dealing with emotional issues. Counselors will also meet with parents and individual faculty members but only if requested by the student using counseling services. A student who is interested in developing a specific support group should call the Director of Counseling Services. Counseling Services is entirely confidential and will share information with the Director of Student Accessibility Services or another staff member only if a release has been signed by the student.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services. Cate Moffet, MSN, APRN, Director, Warnshuis Health Center, 860-439-2275, campus ext. 2275 to make an appointment

The Student Health Services office maintains all medical records and provides short-term health care. Health Services staff can make referrals to local medical personnel when necessary. In order to have Health Services share information with the Director of Student Accessibility Services or another staff member (or vice versa) a student must sign a release.

Students who have questions about obtaining prescription medications from on-campus resources should contact Student Health Services for details.

Roth Writing Center

The Roth Writing Center. Steven Shoemaker, Director; Assistant; Blaustein 214, (860) 439-5149, campus ext. 5149, 5324 or, to make an appointment, ext. 2173

The Writing Center provides one-to-one tutoring to help writers of all abilities during all stages of the writing process. The Center is staffed by undergraduate tutors from a variety of majors who are specially trained to assist students with their writing projects. The Center is open whenever classes are in session and operates by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Students are encouraged to make appointments to guarantee availability of a tutor. Workshops on study skills are also offered at specific times during the semester.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Academic Resource Center. Noel Garrett, Director: Main Street West in the Plex, 860-439-5142

One-to-one and group peer course tutoring.  Basic and advanced academic skills workshops offered (time management, procrastination prevention, study skills and strategies, notetaking, effective listening, public speaking, structuring research, overall success).

Career Guidance/CELS

Office of Career Enhancing Life Skills located in Vinal Cottage, (860) 439-2004

CELS provides a four-year program through which students plan coursework and activities, culminating in a search for a career-related funded junior-year internship, and finalized by helping seniors with job search and graduate school applications.

The office offers a full range of career services for all students regardless of participation in the formal CELS Funded Internship program. CELS is great for help with academic planning, academic certificate centers, jobs, internships/summer jobs, resumes, cover letters and more!

Contact Information:

Barbara L. McLlarky, Director
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Fax: 860-439-2003
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 237

Lillian Liebenthal, Student Accessibility Coordinator
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 236

Office of Student Accessibility Services
Campus Box 5264
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320