Student Governance Organizations

Honor Council
The Honor Council adjudicates alleged violations of the Honor Code and is chaired by the SGA Honor Council Chair and advised by the Dean of Student Life.

Student Activities Council (SAC)
SAC's primary goal is to make sure that the college experience outside the classroom is as enriching as the experience inside the classroom. SAC students plan many different events such as off-campus excursions, dance parties, Friday Nights Live concerts and more. SAC puts on traditional events including Harvestfest, Winter Formal, Spring Semi-Formal Tent Dance and Floralia.

Student Activities Program Assistants
Student Activities Program assistants work in the Office of Student Activities on a variety of projects. Time commitments include weekly office hours as well as the weekend help desk.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee
The Student Athlete Advisory Committee is a student-run group that helps to create excitement and awareness about athletics. The committee meets every other week to discuss the needs of Camel athletics and, in particular, the individual athlete. The group is a venue and resource for athletes to ask questions and bring problems to the committee to be brought to the administration.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The SGA considers issues and formulates policies in areas primarily or exclusively involving the student body at Connecticut College: social, academic and co-curricular policies. The SGA also seeks to extend channels of communication, increased areas of cooperation and a greater acceptance of shared responsibility between faculty, administration and students in general and academic interests.