COVID-19 Campus Life Updates

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Below is a message sent to students today about campus life topics that they have been asking us about.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the Staff and Faculty Guidance page was updated on Friday to include more details on how to host visitors to campus. This includes the use of a Visitor COVID-19 Attestation Form when hosting a visitor--the form provides visitors with details related to COVID-19 expectations before arriving to campus.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Victor Arcelus Dean of Students



Dear Students, 

This week we had zero student COVID-19 cases. This is a great place to be after where we were earlier in the month. If you leave campus for any reason or visit with a family member or friend from off-campus, please wear a mask. I ask you to do your part to keep us at zero cases so that everyone can do all that they love to do on campus. 

I want to thank SGA for hosting the open forum on Thursday and for all the questions from everyone who attended. We covered a lot of ground in the two hour meeting and I’d like to note in this message some campus life related topics that we discussed on Thursday.


As you may have noted earlier this week, dining areas in Harris and Oasis are open for indoor seating. As noted in that message, please try to limit your time in the dining areas in order to provide space for others and to minimize the amount of time that you are eating and/or drinking unmasked. 

Fall Break

We encourage you to stay on campus for Fall Break in order to minimize the chances that you will contract COVID-19 while travelling and bring it back to campus. 

If you are leaving campus, please be consistent with mask wearing when in public spaces while travelling and while at your destination. 

  • If you are vaccinated you do not need to notify your class dean. If you are unvaccinated you do need to notify your class dean so that you can discuss your return to campus. 

  • We highly recommend that you not leave campus until you have a negative test result from testing on Thursday, Oct. 14 or Friday, Oct. 15. 

  • When you return to campus, resume testing on Thursday, Oct. 21 and Friday, Oct. 22. 

  • Please wear your mask consistently when you return to campus. Your particular diligence with this will be important until you have two rounds of test results after the break.  

Testing on campus will continue on Monday, Oct. 18 and Tuesday, Oct. 19 for those of you on campus.  

Campus Events 

The staff members who, with students, plan and implement events are among the people who worked diligently on helping to support students through the rise in cases earlier this month. After resolving the September outbreak, staff across campus along with student leaders in SGA and SAC resumed their planning. Some of the events planned have additional COVID-19 related precautions built in based on what we learned from the campus outbreak.

  • Fall Weekend - Next weekend’s Fall Weekend is focused on families this year, rather than on both families and alumni. This will enable us to have fewer people on campus and lessen the risk of spreading COVID-19. The weekend programs will be outside and will include annual events such as Harvestfest, athletic competitions, and the acapella showcase along with other gatherings for students and their families. 

  • Fall Ball and Halloween Dance - Fall Ball is being planned for Oct. 9 and the Halloween Dance is being planned for Oct. 30. For these events, we will host a special Binax rapid result test clinic on the day of the events–students planning to attend the dances will be tested and get a wristband for that night’s event to provide an additional level of safety for students who want to attend. 

  • This Weekend at Conn - Please be sure to read the email you get every Wednesday with details on what is planned for each weekend. There is a lot being offered by clubs, organizations, SAC, the Office of Residential Education and Living, Office of Student Engagement, and other campus programs and departments. 


If you are having a visitor to campus, please note that the Student Guidance page is updated to include a Visitor COVID-19 Attestation Form. It notes the expectations for that visitor when they come to campus. You are responsible for sharing this form with your visitor and collecting it from them. The signed form should be dropped off to the Campus Safety Gatehouse or a scan/photograph of the form can be emailed to (in the subject line, please write “Visitor COVID-19 Attestation Form”). Family members attending Fall Weekend should review and sign the form. An email will be going out to parents/guardians early next week with details about Fall Weekend as it relates to COVID-19. 

I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather on campus today!


Victor Arcelus Dean of Students