July 28, 2020 

Fall Classroom Review

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Over the last several weeks we have been working to coordinate classroom capacities with the fall course schedule.  I’m writing today to provide an update on where things stand.

  • In-person classes will be limited to 25 people, including the instructor. This will allow for de-densification and meet the current recommendation from the state. Classes with enrollments greater than 24 will not be able to meet with their entire class in-person during any one class meeting. The classes will need to be split in half; one group will meet in-person on the first class meeting day of the week and the other group will meet remotely. The groups will switch their modes of instruction on the second class meeting day of the week. Alternatively, the instructor could opt for remote instruction. 
  • We continue to see high demand for classrooms during peak times.  Based on the current classroom limitations, it is likely that at peak meeting times classes with enrollments greater than 16 may not be able to meet with their entire class in-person during any one class meeting. These classes may also need to be rescheduled to a different time slot or split in half for mode of instruction.
  • The registrar's office will be reaching out over the next few days to notify instructors and departments that are impacted, once a final classroom inventory is available.
  • Some specialty and lab spaces will have a capacity that is reduced from preliminary estimates. The registrar's office is assessing this now and will be reaching out in the next few days to impacted instructors and departments. It may be necessary to split these groups into half for instruction mode, unless the instructor opts to switch to remote.
  • The advising period has just begun. Given this new information, it would be wise to inform students that there may be additional changes to the fall course schedule.

Jeff Cole
Dean of the Faculty