Mar. 25, 2020

Message about access to campus

Dear faculty,

We are writing with more information about the email sent earlier about restricting access to campus.  We are encouraging all faculty to work from home, and not come to campus unless absolutely necessary.  We understand that some of you may feel more comfortable working from your office, perhaps you don't have high quality internet access from your home, or you have resources in your office that are easier to access there or would be difficult to move.  If you feel it's critical for you to have access to campus, please fill out this Google Form indicating your needs.  This will allow us to manage the safety of everyone on campus more effectively.   

If you do come to campus, please remember the importance of social distancing.  If you see another colleague, please do not engage in close interactions with them (stay at least 6 feet apart).  Be particularly aware of touching any surfaces and washing your hands frequently.

If there are things that need regular attention that you cannot do remotely, please let us know, so that, we will have a better idea of who needs to be where and when.  We will be reaching out to science faculty in a separate email to determine what the impacts of restricted campus access might be to their research programs, and how we can best accommodate those needs. 

We hope you are adjusting to remote teaching, and most importantly, staying well!  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your work.  We really appreciate all the efforts that you have made to allow our students to finish the semester.


Jeff and Anne