Apr. 7, 2020

Registration this Morning for First-Year Students

Dear Faculty,
We would like to share with you a message that Emily sent to first-year students as they were unable to register for classes again this morning. Many of them (like all of our students) are struggling with a lot of concerns right now and this second failed registration process has only added to their frustration. If you have first-year advisees or first-year students in your classes, if you could check in with them today, it would be much appreciated.  
Lastly, the class deans are here to support any students in distress.  If you have a student who isn't attending class or is struggling (academically, emotionally, etc), please send us a quick note by email and we (Emily, Ann, Carmela, and Marina) will get in touch with the student (if you aren't sure of their class year, you can send an email to doc@conncoll.edu).
Message to First-Year Students:

Dear First-Year Students, 

I wanted to reach out to you this morning as I know many of you are very frustrated about not being able to register for your fall semester classes again.  I've been in touch with the Registrar, who has been in touch with Information Services.

They are working on finding out what is going on and will be in touch with you about delaying registration again.

I know that many of you have gotten up very early or stayed up very late for a second day in a row to register for your classes - I too have been up early, ready to reply to your emails and help you through this process. During this very challenging time, I know these registration problems are only adding to an already difficult time when many of you are facing very serious concerns regarding you and your family's health and finances. 
I want you to know that we will be addressing this issue today and will be in touch with you soon about next steps.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dean Morash