May 29, 2020

Summer Online Courses at Conn

Dear Faculty,

We are writing to share with you an email we sent to students on Thursday announcing a new initiative to offer summer online courses. We wanted you to have this information should they wish to discuss these options with you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these programs.

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College
Libby Friedman
Assistant Dean of the College for Connections



Dear Students,

We are writing to share the news that Connecticut College will offer a set of special summer online courses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and spring disruptions. The courses will be taught during Summer Session, July 6 through August 7, and include opportunities to dive deeper into your major, explore a new department, or try a course that you’ve always wanted to take but couldn’t fit into your schedule.

The courses represent a wide range of departments and programs, including Art History, Anthropology, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Government, Hispanic Studies, History, Psychology, Sociology and Statistics. Three of the offerings are ConnCourses, and a number of the courses serve multiple areas of the curriculum through cross-listing.

The following is the course list:

  • AHI/ANT 206: Introduction to African Art (Chris Steiner)
  • ECO 111: Introductory Macroeconomics (Purba Mukerji)
  • ECO 248: Financial Markets and Institutions (Yongjin Park)
  • ENG/ES/CC 155: American Earth (Michelle Neely)
  • ES 111: Environmental Studies as a Social Science (Jane Dawson)
  • GOV 222/CC: Torture and the War on Terror in Popular Culture (Tristan Borer)
  • HST 306/ECO 305: Globalization of Urban Poverty (Sheetal Chhabria)
  • PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology (Jillian Marshall)
  • PSY 210: Psychological Disorders and Dysfunction (Audrey Zakriski)
  • SOC 103: Introduction to Sociology (Ron Flores)
  • SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I (Jessica Kohler)
  • STA 107: Introduction to Statistics (Whit Irwin)

Summer courses will be conducted online in synchronous and asynchronous formats. We understand that this may be challenging for students who are in many different time zones across the world. Please carefully review the course descriptions and contact the professors to learn more about expectations for courses that interest you.
Registration will open from June 1 through June 8. Courses must have a minimum enrollment of 10 students to run. The final list of courses will be determined June 18. Students may enroll in only one course. Financial Aid will be available; all courses will be graded; and there will be no Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option available.  The cost for a course is $2500.
Please visit the Summer Courses website for more course information, registration and financial aid instructions.
For further information, please contact:

We hope you will find this summer online course initiative helpful and rewarding.


Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College
Libby Friedman
Assistant Dean of the College for Connections