Testing Information for Faculty and Staff

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

As we begin the year, the College is requiring all faculty and staff on campus to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing (regardless of your vaccination status). This email contains the information you need to schedule your weekly tests. 

Attached to this email is the 2021-22 Consent to Test Form that you will need to print and sign before you test. You will bring this form with you to the Test Center (see information below).  

You will test once a week on campus and will begin the week of Aug. 30. The Test Center is located at Dayton Arena at the Athletic Center and is open from 8:30–11:30 a.m. and Noon-4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please note that Monday, Aug. 30 is a move-in day for students so you may want to avoid testing on this date. 

Connecticut College uses a mobile app, CoVerified, for scheduling COVID-19 tests, receiving COVID-19 test results and submitting daily symptom checks. You will need to access CoVerified to schedule your weekly COVID-19 test time. If you have never tested on campus before, please wait to download CoVerified (from the App Store or Google Play ) until after you have taken your first test (you can come for your first test without an appointment).  You will use your Connecticut College username/password to login to the app. There is also a web-based version available if you do not have access to a cell phone/mobile device. 

To schedule your weekly test time:

  • Open the app (or log onto the site)

  • Click on the “testing” icon 

  • On the testing screen, click on the calendar icon in the upper right corner

  • Under Location, select “Fall 21 Testing Schedule” for appointments starting on August 31st.

  • Select your test date and select a time. If your preferred time is not available, you will need to select another time.  

There are enough appointments available each day, but each time slot can only accommodate a specific number of individuals. If there are no appointment times available in your preferred time slot, you will need to find another time. 

Please understand the College is testing over 900 people a day, so it is critical to show up for your test day and time. You will not be able to enter for testing after the last appointment time at 4:30 p.m.  

As a reminder, the CoVerified app has several other functions that you will be regularly using.

CoVerified Home Screen – When you open CoVerified, there are three important components on the home screen:

  • Status Badge - In the middle of the screen you will see a status badge (Clear or Restricted). Click on the small “i” icon to report your symptoms daily.  The app will automatically note you as restricted if you do not complete your daily symptom check. This gating mechanism (clear vs. restricted) is not being used at this time due to the extensive testing that we have in place. If the app on your phone shows you as restricted, it will provide you with a reason why so that you can rectify it. In most cases, it will likely be that your daily symptom check was not completed. If it is restricted due to a symptom you noted and you would like to change the status to clear, you will need to be in touch with Marianne Ward, testing center RN, via email (mward6@conncoll.edu) and she will discuss with you the circumstances that led you to be noted as restricted in the app. 

  • Records – On the home screen, you can go to Records to track your test results. Please note test results are posted as they are received so you and others who got tested on the same day may not receive your results at the exact same time. If you need a formal document showing your test result, you can select the test result in the app and on the next screen you will see a PDF icon.ou can screenshot or download or take a screenshot of this PDF. 

  • Info - On the home screen, you can go to Info to review instructions on what to do if you have a positive test result or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

You can learn more about the app by going to the CoVerified User App Tutorial

If you have difficulties connecting to the app, please email studentlife@conncoll.edu for assistance. 

Thank you for your attention to this very important part of our COVID-19 plans for a safe and healthy fall semester.


Sarah Cardwell
Senior Associate Dean of Student Life