Dear Faculty and Staff,
We are writing to share a letter that was just sent to supervisors on campus who will employ students in the coming year. We are asking any faculty or staff member who is intending to hire a student this year to read the message below and to complete the survey as soon as possible. Your input on the survey will help us determine how many positions will be available for students in 2020-21 and whether these opportunities will be in-person or remote. 

Rich Madonna, VP for Finance and Administration
Jefferson Singer, Dean of the College

Dear Supervisors of Student Employees,

As we move forward with the start of the new academic year, we would like to update you on our plans for student employment this fall. 

The start date for student employment is Aug. 30, and job listings can include both in-person and/or remote opportunities. In-person jobs will be subject to the College‚Äôs COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Please note that eligibility for Federal Work Study begins on the first day of classes or Sept. 1. Due to labor laws, international students are not eligible for remote employment if they are currently residing outside of the United States. Additionally, fully remote students who are living off campus may only work remotely if they have previously worked at the College and completed the necessary employment paperwork (e.g. I-9 and W-4). 

We ask that you check with your department head before you list any remote or in-person positions for students. As a reminder, all available student positions should be posted on the Job Posting Board in the Student Employment section on CamelWeb. Once a student has been hired, please follow our standard procedures for registering and recording their work hours. 

Accompanying this message is an important survey that will help us to assess the need for and extent of student employment opportunities this fall. We ask that all potential supervisors in the 2020-21 academic year complete the survey as soon as possible even if you may not be supervising students this fall.

If you have additional questions about student employment, feel free to contact Teresa Coronis, Student Employment Coordinator, at


Rich Madonna 
Vice President for Finance and Administration 

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College