Updates Related to COVID-19 Plans

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

I have a few topics I’d like to update you on related to COVID-19.  I also want to let you know that we brought back the COVID-19 Dashboard. Data will be updated regularly and we will begin posting information later this week. 

Distancing for Unvaccinated People and Symptom Checking
With the testing plan we now have in place (students testing twice a week and employees testing once a week) we are adjusting the distancing expectations for people who are unvaccinated. Rather than requiring that people distance 6ft we are recommending it when possible. The updated Student Guidance and Staff and Faculty Guidance pages reflect the changes.  

In addition, with weekly testing in place, symptom checking is recommended but not required. Students and employees will not be expected to show the app status screen or website printout to demonstrate their campus status (Clear or Restricted). Symptom checking is still recommended and can be a helpful reminder to monitor one’s health and seek the assistance of a health care professional if COVID-19 symptoms emerge.

Given that people need to remove masks while eating and drinking, during the first two and a half weeks of the semester (Aug. 25 to Sept. 12) food and beverage service will be Grab and Go. Harris dining hall’s typical extensive food offerings are available and Oasis is now reopened.  The College will be monitoring test results during this early part of the semester and we hope to resume normal operations after September 12. 

During this period of time, there will be no seating in dining rooms and coffee shops. It is preferable that people eat and drink outside (weather permitting), but you may eat and drink in an indoor location if seated at least six feet apart from another person. This plan also includes catering--catered events should be planned for outside during this period of time.     

As noted in the Staff and Faculty Guidance on the Path Forward site we have specific instructions on how to manage having visitors and guests on campus this fall. The College is defining visitors and guests differently--a visitor is a person who is coming to campus for a short period of time and is not staying overnight and a guest is a person who is staying overnight at the College. 

Visitors are permitted on campus and must be hosted by a faculty/staff member or student; or, they may visit the College through a coordinated admissions event or other College program. The College may coordinate hosting overnight guests through established programs and overnight guests must be fully vaccinated and arrive to campus with a negative test taken within 72 hours.  

All visitors to the campus are expected to be able to show one of three types of documentation listed below. Visitors may be asked to show this documentation at any time while they are on campus. Faculty, staff, and student hosts are responsible for informing visitors of these expectations and are expected to ask the visitor to show the documentation before arrival or upon arrival to campus:

  • Documentation of being fully vaccinated 

  • Documentation of a negative COVID-19 PCR test with 72 hours of arriving on campus 

  • Documentation of having had COVID-19 within 90 days of arrival on campus

If you or your department are hosting an event (e.g. speaker, performance) and the event will be open to the public then the host(s) of the event is responsible for setting up a check-in area where campus community members can show their Camel ID demonstrating that they are part of our vaccination and testing expectations and those without a Camel ID would need to show the documentation noted above. 

I hope this additional information is helpful as we prepare to welcome all of our students to campus this week. 


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students