Alert Level Change: Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I write to share with you a letter that I sent to your student tonight announcing that we are shifting campus operations from Alert Level 3-Orange to Alert Level 2-Yellow. We were able to make this transition more quickly than anticipated due to the outstanding efforts of your student and our community to limit the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.

I encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Dashboard, where you can read more about what these levels mean and the differences in how we will operate under Alert Level 2-Yellow.

Thank you for supporting your student, and please don’t hesitate to send any questions you may have to


Victor Arcelus

Dean of Students

Dear Students,

I write to you tonight to share some good news! We are shifting to Alert Level 2-Yellow and if you arrived on or before Feb. 5 you may now move out of onboarding quarantine. The fact that we could move these dates up by a couple of days is due to your tremendous commitment to our onboarding protocols. Working together as a community, we have thus far kept the prevalence of COVID-19 low on our campus during this critical transition period—we have had only one case

VERY IMPORTANT: If you arrived after Feb. 5, your onboarding quarantine should be no shorter than ten days from your first on-campus test and you must have three negative on-campus PCR tests.

Even as we shift to Alert Level 2-Yellow, we must remain focused on not contracting the virus and reducing its spread on our campus. Please take a few moments to review the Student Guidance page on the Path Forward site so that you can be familiar with campus expectations for Alert Level 2-Yellow. Below are a few highlights:

  • You may eat with friends inside (seated at least six feet apart and when not actively eating or drinking wear a mask).

  • You may go into a friend’s room in your own residence hall (you may not go into other residence halls yet). Wear a mask, be at least six feet apart and open a window to increase ventilation. Follow the expectations regarding the maximum number of people who can be in a room. Students may not enter other students’ off-campus properties until we go to Alert Level 1-Green. 

  • If you are living off-campus, you may come to campus and use all campus facilities but may not enter residence halls until we shift to Alert Level 1-Green. 

  • You may start working in jobs on campus. 

  • Family members may visit you on campus. Make sure that you register them (via CamelWeb) and remember that the only building they may go into is the College Center at Crozier-Williams. You and your family members must wear masks and be at least six feet apart.  

  • Stay on campus—Do not leave campus unless it is for an essential need in New London County such as going to the grocery store, pharmacy or doctor. If you must go off campus, stay away from crowded spaces. Do not eat inside restaurants.

  • If you have to go off campus for an essential need, you may now ride in a friend’s vehicle (Driver plus one non-roommate/apartmentmate passenger). You may also take a Lyft/Uber with a maximum of two passengers. Wear masks and open windows to increase ventilation.

  • Do not leave New London County—you may only leave New London County for extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical needs or bereavement) and you must receive Class Dean approval before leaving. If approved to leave campus overnight, you will need to complete onboarding quarantine (10 days with three negative tests) when you return.  

This week, you will begin to see changes in facility access and operations in Dining, Shain Library, the Athletics Center, as well as many other spaces on campus. Given that we moved to Alert Level 2-Yellow a couple of days early, please be patient as staff begin making arrangements to adjust to this new alert level. 

In addition, you will see an increase in in-person programming. Please monitor your email and ConnQuest for details. We will be working to activate clubs, organizations, sports, and other academic and co-curricular engagement opportunities in the coming days.

Let’s do everything we can to light up our campus and keep COVID-19 levels low! With our Camel spirit, this semester can be a tremendous success.

Go Camels!  

Victor Arcelus 
Dean of Students