COVID-19 Related Information for Thanksgiving Break

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below is a message I sent to students a few days ago about the upcoming Thanksgiving break. I hope that this information is helpful as many of our students travel in the days ahead.

I wish you well over this holiday period.



Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students


Dear Students, 

Thanksgiving break is approaching and I’m sure that you are looking forward to a bit of a pause in the semester and some rest. During this break period, many of you will be traveling, gathering with family and friends, and given the season you will likely be indoors. Last year at this time, we finished the in-person portion of the semester and shifted to remote classes. This year, we will be coming back together to finish out the semester. Therefore, we all need to be vigilant during this break period to limit the chances that we contract COVID-19, so that we don’t spread it to family and friends and don’t bring it back to campus.     

Below are some notes for you to keep in mind during the next couple of weeks:

  • On-campus housing: If you are staying on campus over break please make sure you fill out the form in MyHousing as instructed by the Office of Residential Education and Living.

  • Get tested: If you are leaving campus, be sure to get tested on campus and receive your result before you travel. The Test Center will be closed November 24-28th.

  • Wear a mask: Please wear a mask when traveling and indoors in public spaces. When you return to campus be sure to consistently wear your mask indoors. 

  • Watch your symptoms: Pay attention to any symptoms you might have that are consistent with COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, please go to a local pharmacy and purchase a COVID-19 test or go see a medical provider before returning to campus. If you have COVID-19, do not return to campus or if you need to return contact Dean Cardwell ( so that we can make arrangements for you to be in an isolation space upon your return.

  • Get tested on Nov. 29 or 30 and Dec. 2 or 3: Please be sure to get tested on campus on your testing day, either on Nov. 29 or 30 and again on Dec. 2 or 3. These two tests will be particularly important as our community transitions back to activity on campus. Upon your return, if you begin to develop symptoms and are not feeling well, do not go to class and other activities, stay in your room, and call Student Health Services.

Over the break, we recommend that you consider two things related to vaccinations: 

  • Get a COVID-19 vaccine booster: If you have not yet received your COVID-19 booster, take some time to get the booster over the break. Recent studies are showing that the vaccine effectiveness is beginning to wane after six months. If you are past six months since your initial full vaccination, then we recommend that you go get a booster shot. We are planning to have another booster clinic on campus in early December (more details to come). 

  • Get the flu vaccine: We are beginning to see the flu in our area and there are recent news reports of flu outbreaks on some campuses. This break period is a good time to get the flu vaccine. The CDC states that you can safely get the flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster at the same time or in close proximity to each other.  

While this has been a challenging semester on a variety of levels, we have been able to come together and return to more typical campus experiences academically, socially, athletically, and through all of our clubs and organizations. I hope you have an opportunity to rest and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for and for all that we want to accomplish as individuals and as a community in the months to come. I wish you all the best during this upcoming Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day. 



Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students