Apr. 3, 2020

A Message from the Parents Association

Dear Fellow Connecticut College Parents,

We have been thinking of you and hoping that all members of your Camel family are healthy and safe, finding comfort in these days of unexpected togetherness. Much has happened since COVID-19 entered our lives and we are reaching out to offer our friendship and support in this unprecedented time.

We recognize the disruption that Conn families have experienced - students pulled from international programs and others from on-campus research and scholarly achievement, athletes severed from seasons of prowess and accomplishment, musicians and artists separated from their muse. We have spoken with President Bergeron and College leadership and they are truly grateful for the way our parent community has addressed these challenges with understanding and flexibility.

President Bergeron recently communicated with our students about their resiliency, as well, as Conn navigates the transition to remote teaching and learning. Her message to them is "stay connected” - with each other, their advisors, and faculty. We can honestly say that our son, Max '21, is genuinely pleased to be re-engaged with his professors and classmates. Our hope is that as a parent and family community we can also stay connected.

This Sunday, April 5, the College will celebrate Founders Day, the 109th anniversary of the College’s founding in 1911. In recent years, Founders Day has been synonymous with our annual giving challenge. While this year's effort has been postponed until later in the spring, the College will continue to honor its exceptional history through a special virtual celebration. It will remind us all why we are proud to be Camels. Look for an email from President Bergeron on Sunday. 

On behalf of the Connecticut College Parents Association, we are indeed proud of the caring community that is Conn. As a parent, you have received copies of all the communications that were sent to your student. If you would like to review the full complement of communications sent by the College, you may find them here.

We look forward to being in touch with you again soon. Until then, stay connected, safe, and strong.

Steve and Liz Whisnant P'21
Parents Council Co-Chairs