Aug. 4, 2020 

New Part-Time Option for Fall Coursework

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. I am writing to share with you an email we sent to your student earlier today announcing a new remote part-time option for current students for the fall semester. This option allows students to remain actively engaged with our community while studying remotely with a lighter course load. Please feel free to direct any academic questions you may have to your student’s class dean (listed below) and any financial questions to the Office of Financial Aid.

Thank you for all that you do to support your student.



Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College



Dear Students,

The ongoing pandemic has created unique challenges and stresses for all of us this summer. We have been thinking about some of the questions you raised recently in town hall meetings, in conversations and in emails, and we are writing today to announce a new option that may help some of you in your academic planning for fall 2020: remote part-time status.

Remote part-time status is designed for those of you who may not feel ready to return to campus but still want to maintain your connection to the College. You would be allowed to take two remote courses from Conn faculty, and therefore make progress toward your degree, while remaining at home in the fall.

Students who choose this option will continue to benefit from our excellent faculty and staff and have access to the same programs, services and activities that full-time remote students do. However, given the health and safety protocols in place, no remote students will be allowed to visit campus or access services in person. 

The cost for remote part-time status is $14,700 for the fall semester. You will be credited room and board costs as well as the fee for student activities. Your financial aid package will be adjusted to correspond to your part-time status. If you have questions about these adjustments, please write to

If you are interested in being a remote part-time student in the fall, please email your class deans and submit a petition by Aug. 14. Sophomores should contact Dean Patton and juniors and seniors should contact Dean Melendez. Your petition, which will be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing, must indicate why you wish to choose part-time status for the fall, when you plan to return to Conn full-time and how you will complete your degree in eight semesters. It must also be signed by your class dean, your academic adviser and the chair of your department or program. 

During these challenging times, Connecticut College has placed an emphasis on flexibility, creativity and innovation to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. This new remote part-time option is designed in that spirit. We hope it offers new possibilities for those of you who might have been considering a personal leave for the fall.

Please know that your faculty advisers and class deans are here for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about your academic plans for fall 2020.

We look forward to a healthy and safe fall semester.


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

John McKnight
Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College