Mar. 12, 2020

Message from the Dean of Students: Responses to your questions

Dear Students, 

I have received emails that center on two topics so I thought it would be helpful for everyone to have the information in case others had the same questions.

A number of you are asking about the April 30th date mentioned in President Bergeron’s letter as it relates to moving out, and I want to offer some clarification.

The expectation is that all spring-semester classes — through finals — will be completed remotely for all students. For seniors, however, there is a significant event that comes after the finals period: Connecticut College’s 102nd Commencement. The president would like to have the opportunity to reassess the public health situation by April 30th in order both to determine and to announce how we will celebrate the commencement of the class of 2020. April 30th will be a time to assess the circumstances—we are not in a position to confirm that students would return on April 30th.

Given the situation with COVID-19 we are not certain when people would be able to return to pick up their belongings. As a result, it is important and required that students move all their belongings out of their rooms between today and March 23.  This will enable us to properly accommodate students who need to remain on campus due to exceptional circumstances and it enables the College to appropriately prepare for the fall semester.

I also understand that some of you have run into problems accessing the online forms—we changed a setting which seems to have fixed the problem.  Let me know if the problems persists for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the material pertaining to the move-out process. Student Life staff and our colleagues across campus are fully engaged in assisting you as we navigate this transition period.  


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students