Work Expectations During Weather Events

Dear Staff, 

As the academic semester begins this week, we write to clarify Spring 2021 work expectations for staff when there is inclement weather and normal campus operations are suspended. These expectations. and associated compensation are guided by the College’s Emergency Closing Policy, located in CamelWeb. 

The College’s work is especially time-sensitive when the academic semester is in session, and all classes are remote for the start of the semester so they will continue as scheduled regardless of the weather. Additionally, many staff are already working some or all of their scheduled hours remotely. Therefore, all non-essential staff who are teleworking will be expected to do so during their scheduled hours when normal campus operations are suspended. If you are working remotely and experience connectivity issues due to power outages or do not have childcare, you may use your COVID-19 Leave or vacation if you have time available. 

Non-essential staff members who are scheduled to work all of their hours on campus and are not working remotely will receive time off with pay.

Essential staff members should report to work on campus as scheduled.

You will continue to receive emails and messages via Rave/CC Alert whenever there is important information to convey regarding a significant weather event or an emergency. These messages will include this same guidance regarding staff work expectations.

Please let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you for your understanding as we embark on another historic semester.


Rich Madonna

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Cheryl Miller

Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development