Move to Modified Alert Level 1-Green Tomorrow

Dear Members of the Campus Community, 

I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful weekend. As I reported last week, our case numbers have continued to decline, and Friday’s testing identified only one positive case. Given the results throughout this past week, we will be shifting to a Modified Alert Level 1-Green on Monday. 

With the move to Modified Alert Level 1-Green, staff who were working remotely will return to campus and faculty can resume in-person teaching. Green is modified in three key areas: 

  • Masks must always be worn indoors, even when you are alone in an interior public space (such as the Library, Cro, or the Walter Commons). 

  • Because of the high levels of COVID-19 in our region, off-campus travel for students will be limited to essential purposes only. This is to prevent students from bringing COVID-19 onto campus. 

  • Informal indoor socializing for students will be limited to smaller group sizes than the standard Alert Level 1-Green levels. Students who do not abide by these expectations will face student conduct implications. Details will be discussed at tonight’s student zoom meeting at 8 p.m.

The Path Forward website will be updated by the end of the day on Monday to reflect these changes.  

As we move forward, it is critical to understand the importance of consistent mask wearing indoors.

  • Masks can be removed only when actively eating or drinking. If you are eating with others, it is highly recommended that you eat outside. If you are eating inside, it is recommended that you maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. We will monitor positivity rates on campus to determine at what point we can reopen indoor seating in the dining halls in the days/weeks ahead. 

  • When socializing indoors, the only people with whom students may remove their masks are immediate roommates or apartment-mates. There are no other social group “bubbles” that enable you to remove your mask with other peers.

  • For your health and the health of others, you must always wear a mask that fits properly, completely covering your nose and mouth without need for ongoing readjustment with your hands. 

All of us are responsible for helping each other with these mask-wearing protocols. Please wear yours properly and help us make this a campus norm by taking the time to remind others to put on a mask when you see them without one or to adjust it if they are not wearing it properly. 

Our hope, of course, is to stay green for the duration of the semester. If cases rise again, though, we may need to move back to a different alert level. If that happens, we will be evaluating the circumstances with our healthcare partners to try and maintain in-person classes and meetings, while putting in place temporary limits on indoor student social gatherings to reduce spread. The revised Path Forward guidance for students will note the differences between levels for a variety of social situations, so that the expectations will be clear.

With the delta variant in our midst, we are at a particularly challenging point in this pandemic. Other campuses have begun to experience outbreaks similar to the one we just experienced, so we are not alone in facing the challenge. We must continue to work together, as we did early this month, to keep each other healthy and to keep positive cases low.

Thank you all for your diligence and your patience as we quickly addressed the rise in cases here at Conn. Because of your collective effort, tomorrow we can return to green and resume in-person teaching and learning. 

I look forward to speaking to all you students tonight.


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students