Dear Students,

We are in the final days before our phased move-in to campus begins. Housefellows and floor governors already arrived on Thursday, and it is wonderful to see more students on campus again!

In anticipation of your arrival, we have a few final reminders to share with you to make your transition to campus as efficient and seamless as possible.

  1. Please carefully review the Student To Do List webpage we created for you. Below are a few notes related to questions we have been receiving from some of you:

    1. Pre-arrival test:
      1. If you did not get your pre-arrival test result yet, you can still come to campus. You will be tested when you arrive.

      2. If your pre-arrival test result is inconclusive, you may come to campus. You will be tested when you arrive. This is sometimes the case when there wasn’t enough sample collected for the test to show a result.

      3. If you have your pre-arrival test result, please be prepared to show some documentation of the result on paper or viewable on your phone.

    2. The second section of the To Do List includes three PDF documents and a letter with a Google form for you to complete. Please follow the instructions below. If you do not arrive at the testing center prepared, it will cause delays and long lines.

      1. Review and sign the following documents before you arrive at the Athletic Center :

        1. Camels Care Pledge: Agreement to Abide by College Health and Safety Requirements and Policies and Acknowledgment of Risks of COVID-19

        2. COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

        3. COVID-19 Residential Education and Living Agreement

      2. Read the letter and complete the Google form included with this document before you arrive at Conn:

        1. Campus Departure Planning Instruction and Form 

    3. If you have been in a travel advisory state in the past 14 days, read the instructions provided on the Student To Do List.

    4. DO NOT try and download the CoVerified app. The app developer is delaying the launch of the app so you will not be able to log into the Conn College portion of it yet. We will send you an email with specific instructions when the app is ready to be downloaded.

  2. Your first stop is the testing center located at the Dayton Hockey Arena at the Athletic Center.  Please drive slowly and pay attention to traffic flow. The entrance to the testing center is at the northern end of the arena—not at the southern main entrance of the arena.

  3. Please do not bring any belongings with you into the testing center. The only items you need to bring are an ID, your three signed documents (see above), and documentation of your pre-arrival test. Please leave your phone outside the testing center unless you need it to show your pre-arrival test. If you bring in your phone for this purpose, please be sure to have a pocket to put it in given that when you are collecting your sample you will need to handle several things and will not have a place to put your phone down.

  4. If you are accompanied by a guest or family member, they need to wait in the car for you to return from testing. Portable toilets are available for individuals to use outside of the arena.

  5. After you are tested, you will follow the signs to the Welcome Center where you will turn in your documents, pick up your keys and, once again, sign the Camels Care Pledge. At the Welcome Center you will also receive a COVID-19 wellness kit that includes three facemasks. You can also bring your own facemasks but be sure that what you bring is NOT a mask with a vent, a gaiter type mask or a bandana. These masks are not permitted.

  6. At the Welcome Center, you will also receive your “access pass” to drive onto campus to move into your building.

  7. New Students ONLY: Please make sure you have submitted your photo for your Camel Card and completed all of your health forms/paperwork before arrival (email with questions about health forms).

  8. During your first night on campus, you will receive an email from Student Life about the duration of your quarantine period as well as instructions for quarantine. The quarantine duration will be determined by the answers you give to a series of questions you will be asked at the Welcome Center. This email will also provide instructions for how to access your test results given that the CoVerified app has not yet launched.

We have prepared for your arrival for a long time and we are eager to see you all on campus!


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

John McKnight
Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College