Important: Please Read - Concerns with Onboarding Quarantine

Dear Students, 

What we are seeing outside today is, for the most part, the kind of masked social distancing that will be ideal when we are out of onboarding quarantine. We need to hold off for a number of more days before this is possible. I am worried and many of your peers are concerned that the way that many of you are gathering right now is not consistent with onboarding quarantine expectations. A key part of the onboarding quarantine approach is the following: 
When outside of your room, you must wear a face mask or covering and maintain at least a six foot distance from others. Moving about the campus must be done alone and contact with others in person should be minimized.     
Early planning this summer for onboarding quarantine was going to limit everyone to staying in their rooms unless you were going to get food or go to the testing center. With guidance from our infectious disease doctors we decided to provide greater flexibility to allow you to be outside but outside on your own. If we don't see you all shift to this set of expectations for onboarding quarantine we may need to tighten the expectations during this period of time. 
We are in the midst of testing everyone and we don't know if any of you have COVID right now. Some of you may be carrying COVID and if you are spreading it it will limit our ability to move out of campus-wide quarantine. 
I ask that you please abide by the expectations of this quarantine period. For more details on what is expected during this time go to the Student To Do List and scroll to the bottom of the page. 
Also, keep in mind that students will be coming out of quarantine on different days. As a result, in a few days you may see some students out and about and it's because they are out of quarantine -- if you are not out of quarantine you should continue to abide by the expectations.    
I know it’s not easy. It is a significant adjustment to be around so many of your peers and not be able to interact with them in person. It is understandable that you want to connect face-to-face, but to make sure we can have the in-person experience so many of you want to have and that we’ve worked hard to achieve—we need your total commitment to follow the onboarding quarantine plan.  
Thank you for your attention to this important matter -- I look forward to seeing you all soon as you shift out of quarantine!
Go Camels!
Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students