Continued Downward Trajectory

Dear Members of the Connecticut College Community, 

Yesterday’s test results started to show a downward trajectory, which is why I wrote to you last night about relaxing restrictions outside. Today’s results continue that downward direction as we had our lowest single day of combined PCR and BINAX positive results this week with 12 positive cases. It is most helpful to compare the first half of the week to the second half of the week, given that students test Monday and Tuesday and then again Thursday and Friday. 

Monday and Tuesday PCR and Binax testing yielded 90 positive students
Wednesday was not a testing day but we had 13 BINAX positive cases
First half of the week total: 103

Thursday and Friday PCR and BINAX testing yielded 64 positive students
Saturday was not a testing day but we had 2 BINAX positive cases
Second half of the week total: 66

If we continue to be vigilant through the weekend and into next week, we should continue to see case numbers decrease Monday and Tuesday. The Monday/Thursday testing cohort is tending to be higher than the Tuesday/Friday testing cohort, so Monday’s results will likely be higher than Tuesday’s. However, we anticipate that the combined two-day total should be less than 64.  

Given this direction, we will start to open up more indoor spaces early next week. The library, for example, will open at 8:30 on Monday. You will soon receive more information on other spaces.

I know that this week has been difficult for everyone. What we are seeing thus far is that we did not allow time for the cases to grow over the course of the week, and instead got right to work as a community to bring the case numbers down. In order to get this down further next week so that we can get back to Alert Level 1-Green, students cannot be complacent this weekend and next week. Please continue to follow the cautionary quarantine expectations we started earlier in the week along with the relaxed restrictions we put in place today for outside. 

There is still COVID-19 in our student population on campus and we cannot allow it to spread further. Be sure to wear your mask indoors, and if you have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please refrain from contact with others until you have a negative BINAX or PCR test.

Let’s keep working together as one community to get us back to Alert Level 1-Green. 



Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students