COVID-19 Vaccination and Protocol Information

Dear Students,

I am writing today to provide you with important vaccine information and new changes to our COVID-19 protocols on campus. 

To begin with, it is wonderful to hear about so many faculty and staff getting vaccinated. While we have many more people to vaccinate in the coming weeks and months, we are certainly on the right path to achieving a high vaccination rate for our campus. To this end, last week, 1,200 of you completed a survey about your vaccination intentions. The results show that we have a very good chance of becoming a highly vaccinated community by fall 2021, which will enable us to return to more normal campus operations. 

Here is some of the data:

  • 8% of survey respondents are already vaccinated (98 students) 

  • 85% of survey respondents want to be vaccinated as soon as possible  

  • 2% of survey respondents want to wait a couple of months 

  • 1% of survey respondents do not plan to be vaccinated

  • 4% of survey respondents are undecided  

The most important data point is that 95% of you who responded to our survey are either already vaccinated or planning to be vaccinated by the fall semester. This is very encouraging news for our fall planning! 

I am continuing to have discussions with the CT Department of Public Health and Hartford HealthCare about the student vaccination process. Connecticut state officials have some concern about the allocation of vaccines to the state during the next two months, therefore they are determining whether it will be possible to vaccinate all interested college students before you leave campus for the summer. We are advocating for college student vaccination in April/May and hope to share more details with you soon.

With your help, we also would like to begin highlighting our vaccination progress as a community. Later in the semester we will add a new section to the COVID-19 dashboard on the Path Forward website that shows the vaccination rate of students and employees. In order to provide the community with accurate data, we encourage you to report your vaccination. Vaccination records will be kept private and will be managed by Student Health Services. Your vaccination record can be uploaded after you have completed the two shots for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or after the first (and only) shot for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Please note that providing this information is your choice—it is not a requirement by the College, but it will help us make critical decisions as we plan for fall 2021.

Please follow these guidelines for submitting your information:

  • Use the Online Student Health Services Portal (DO NOT use CoVerified to upload your vaccine -- CoVerified is being used ONLY for the collection of employee vaccination records). There are three easy steps to using the Online Student Health Portal:

    • Go to the Conn College Student Health Services web page

    • On the right hand menu, click on Online Student Health Portal

    • Click on Document Upload to upload a picture of your COVID vaccination record. 

In addition, there are a couple of new COVID-19 protocol adjustments I want to announce: 

  • If you are fully vaccinated, which means two weeks past your Johnson & Johnson shot or two weeks past your second Moderna/Pfizer shot, you do not need to quarantine after travel or if identified through contact tracing as a close contact of a positive person. If you develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, then you need to isolate and notify Student Health Services. Please note that even when you are fully vaccinated, you still need to continue being tested on campus and following all other COVID-19 expectations. 

  • Regardless of vaccination status, we are shifting the social distancing distance from six feet to three feet when OUTSIDE (still wearing a face covering) for everyone on campus who is part of the testing program. The distance continues to be six feet when you are inside. Please note that this applies to the campus when we are operating in Alert Level 1-Green. 

I hope this information is helpful and I will be sure to keep you updated on the latest information about the vaccination process in Connecticut. Getting your vaccine is the best way to keep you, your family, our campus community and our neighbors safe. It will also enable us to open up our campus to the fullest experience possible as quickly as possible.


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students