Mar. 6, 2020

Message from the Dean of Students: International Travel and COVID-19 Testing

Dear Students,
As many of you prepare to leave campus for spring break, I am writing to share important information about international travel and COVID-19 testing.

International Travel
During the past few days, you have received messages from the College sharing the expectation that students, faculty, and staff register their travel abroad. Given the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, the College is now requiring that campus community members inform the College for the foreseeable future when and where they are traveling overseas by completing our International Travel Form.
I regret to share that it has come to my attention that some students are choosing not to register their overseas travel. I want to reiterate that all students are expected to abide by College expectations and policies, which are in place to ensure the safety and health of the entire campus community. If the College becomes aware that any students have not registered their international travel using the College's International Travel Form, those students will be subject to the conduct process for creating dangerous and/or unhealthy conditions and for non-compliance. Please register your travel abroad. 

COVID-19 Testing
While there are no active cases of COVID-19 on campus now, we are working closely with the Department of Public Health to prepare for the possibility that a person may be diagnosed with the virus in the future. In order for us to properly manage the potential spread of the virus, it is important for us to know if a person is tested for COVID-19 and whether the results are positive or negative. If you are tested for COVID-19, please call or email Sarah Cardwell, senior associate dean for Student Life, at 860-439-2825 or Please note that it may take some time to receive final results, so you should be in touch with Dean Cardwell as soon as you are tested and again when you receive the results. 

In both of these cases, we will use the information only as part of our risk management plan and response plan related to COVID-19. Thank you for your attention to these important topics. I hope you have a wonderful spring break and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students