Apr. 8, 2020

Message to Students about Class Recordings

Dear Students,

We would like to let you know of recent faculty work to update some of our academic policies to accommodate our new learning environment.

On April 6, the faculty voted to revise the College's existing policy on classroom recording to include many of the online formats that are currently being employed by instructors.  The full policy appears below and the core idea is that students may not distribute any type of recording relating to course content without the explicit permission of the instructor.  This policy has been adopted to protect the privacy and intellectual freedom of students in the class, as well as the instructors themselves.  Please read the policy and keep it in mind as we proceed for the rest of the semester.

With best wishes,

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College

Ross Morin
Chair, Academic and Administrative Procedures Committee

Classroom recording
With the exception of those granted accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility Services, students are prohibited from audio, video, or photographic recording during class periods or out-of-class meetings with the instructor without explicit permission from the instructor. Any audio, video, or photographic recordings of class sessions or of content related to a course, whether made by students, instructors, or any other party, may not be shared in any form without explicit permission of the instructor. Violations of this policy shall be considered an Honor Code violation.