Message to Students about Testing

Dear Students, 

We hope you are enjoying these last days of summer and preparing to begin the fall semester on campus. It is wonderful to see some of you already here and we are eagerly awaiting everyone else to arrive!

Upcoming Zoom Meeting

We need you to participate in a Zoom meeting on Monday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. ET. A lot is changing daily with COVID-19, and we would like to bring everyone together to discuss our plans for the semester and to also provide updates on other topics regarding the student experience. This will be an important meeting to attend so that you are ready for the semester. Your parents/guardians are welcome to join you for the meeting. We just ask that they login with you rather than on their own given a limited number of “seats” in the Zoom meeting. We want to ensure that all our students are able to attend.  

Change in Testing Plans

Ahead of the Monday meeting, we also want to let you know that given the state of COVID-19 in the country and in New London County we decided this week to begin the semester with a testing plan similar to last year. Students (vaccinated and unvaccinated) along with staff and faculty will be tested every week--students will be tested twice a week. This will help ensure the safety of the campus and community, as well as enable us to operate the College as normally as possible with the Delta variant in our midst. Vaccination is a critically important protective factor and adding testing will increase our level of protection given the challenges posed by the Delta variant. The need to regularly test will continue to be evaluated over the course of the fall semester. The Path Forward website will be updated to reflect this change and other adjustments and next week you will be receiving more information about the testing plans. 

Taking Precautions Before Arrival

Lastly, we would like to ask for your assistance in making this a smooth transition to campus. We are a week to ten days away from everyone arriving and this is a critical period of time in terms of COVID-19. We ask that you take every precaution during these days before arriving to limit your exposure to COVID-19. Please wear a mask when in public spaces as you will on campus, refrain from eating indoors at restaurants and avoid attending crowded indoor or outdoor gatherings (e.g. concerts, bars). Our success in launching this year is dependent on beginning the year with a low level of COVID-19 on campus and maintaining that throughout the semester. This effort starts with how you are protecting yourself during these days before arriving on campus. We are sure that the last thing you will want to do upon arrival is to be positive for COVID-19 and in isolation housing for ten days. Let’s do all that we can to avoid this circumstance! 

You also may be interested in knowing that the City of New London and the Town and City of Groton have instituted mask mandates for all indoor public spaces.

More information on campus plans are on the Path Forward site and if you have questions please email

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Monday night! 


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

Ariella Rotramel
Interim Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion 

Erika Smith
Dean of the College