Important Off-Campus Living Updates

Hello Off-Campus Students, 
I hope that you are enjoying your time living off-campus. I have spoken with some of you and it sounds as though it is proving to be a great experience and one that is offering a very different perspective on life in Southeastern Connecticut. Me and my colleagues have been in touch with you in a variety of ways over the past several weeks and we used those opportunities to share information including the expectations for living off-campus in a pandemic. Following these expectations is critically important to keep the campus and our local community safe from COVID-19. 
I write to you today to bring your attention to two pieces of information. The first is that two of our regional peer institutions, Trinity College and Providence College, have had spikes in cases and for at least one of them off-campus events and gatherings appear to be a major contributing factor to their spike. As of today, Trinity has 14 active student cases and Providence has 84 active student cases in the past two days. We don't want this to happen here and your help in preventing this type of spike is critically important.  
I am also writing to you today to share a new executive order from the State of Connecticut that you should be aware of. The State of Connecticut has now authorized officials to issue fines in association with failure to wear a face covering ($100), hosting gatherings that violate size restrictions ($500), and/or attending gatherings that violate size restriction guidelines ($250). Please read the full order by Governor Lamont here and below is a summary. 
If you have a gathering that violates state regulations and the local police come to your property you and your guests risk getting fined. In addition, there will be College implications, which at minimum would require you to complete the semester remotely, therefore you will not be permitted on campus. I sincerely want to avoid having this outcome for any more students so I ask that you do your part to enjoy living off-campus while following the College and State expectations. 
I hope you enjoy the weekend. Stay warm--temperatures are going to be cool. 

Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

Connecticut Governor's Authorization for the Issuance of Fines: Authorizes the commissioner of Public Health, local health departments, municipal chief elected officers, and state and local police to issue fines for violations of certain COVID-19 protective measures. These include: