One week to go...

Dear Students, 

We are a week away from your return to campus for those of you coming to New London. I write to bring to your attention several important items that will help ensure a smooth transition to Conn. 

  • Student and Family Town Hall: Tonight at 7:30 p.m. we will be hosting a Student and Family Spring 2021 Town Hall. The agenda will include a review of the fall semester data, highlights of our spring protocols and a Q&A. Please bring your questions!

  • Self-Isolating: You should currently be self-isolating and avoiding settings where you may contract COVID-19. It is very important that everyone do their part to limit the number of COVID-19 cases we have during our onboarding process. There is more coronavirus around the country today than there was in August. The transition to campus this spring will be even more challenging as we work together to keep the cases low.

  • Pre-Arrival Test: Given that we are within seven days of Feb. 4 or 5, you should be getting tested. If you are testing in your local community, be sure that you are going soon so that you can receive the result before your arrival day. If you chose to receive the Let’s Get Checked (LGC) test kit, it should have arrived to you. Tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 29) is the day you should collect your sample and send it to LGC. This will ensure that you receive your result before arriving on campus. If you did not receive your test kit or have any other questions pertaining to the LGC process, please contact LGC customer care (888-397-5754,

  • Testing Positive: If you test positive through your pre-arrival test, please notify Student Life right away by emailing us at You will need to isolate at home to recover from the virus. When you are recovered (no less than 10 days from your positive test and are symptom free) please be in contact with your primary care provider to be cleared to return to Conn. Documentation from your primary care provider should be sent to Student Health Services at The medical staff at the College will review the documentation and be in touch with you about your return to campus. 

  • Schedule your Arrival Test: Be sure to schedule a time for your on-campus arrival test (Feb. 4 or 5) in CoVerified.  

If you have not had a chance yet to review the information about the spring, please visit the Path Forward website to watch the video about the onboarding process, review the To-Do List for returning to campus, and familiarize yourself with the Student Guidance webpage that describes our spring COVID-19 plans.

We are all in the final stages of preparing for the spring semester and are eager to see you on campus or via videoconference if you will be remote this spring. 

Travel safe and I will see you soon!


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students