Dear Students,
As many of you are getting ready to arrive on campus next week, we wanted to review the expectations for studying remotely and living off campus.
Earlier this summer, we announced that you could approach your courses and housing plans in four flexible formats. You could choose from the following:

  1. Fully remote. Choose not to come to campus and study remotely (full-time or part-time) from another location, presumably your permanent address. This option prevents you from any on-campus engagement for the term.
  2. Commuter. Study on campus and commute from your permanent address within 50 miles of campus.
  3. In residence. Study on campus and live at Conn, as students typically do.
  4. Off campus. Study on campus and live off-campus. This option required prior authorization by the College. Requests for off-campus living are no longer available for the 2020-21 academic year.

Please note: The College defines permanent address as the address registered with the College, where you live with a parent/guardian or spouse.
It has come to our attention that a small number of you who chose the first option—to study remotely—are in fact planning to live locally in and around New London County. This was not the intention of the remote option and creates a new health risk because those of you who fall into this category are not, at the moment, part of our rigorous testing program. We have a responsibility to our campus and to our neighbors in the region to test all students who are in and around our campus to prevent the potential spread of infection. We also want to ensure that those living away from family and guardians have access to our Student Health Services and the extensive resources of Hartford HealthCare. 
We are sending this letter, then, to clarify the meaning of the remote study option. To put it plainly: whether full-time or part-time, as a remote student you may not live within 50 miles of the College unless you are residing at your permanent address. If we learn that you are not following this requirement and thus not participating in testing on campus, you will be referred to the conduct process for non-compliance, which could lead to suspension from Connecticut College.
How can you remedy this situation if you are one of the small number of people? If, as of yesterday (Friday, Aug. 21), you had registered for remote study with the College but, in fact, have signed a lease to live locally in a space that is not your permanent address, you must email by 5 p.m. Tuesday (Aug. 25) so you can be added to our testing regimen.
To repeat: as a remote student, you are not allowed to come to campus for classes, programs, athletics, or other events, even though you are living in the region. The only reason we will allow you to come to campus is to participate in the required twice a week testing, to access Student Health Services, or to use isolation housing should that be necessary. 
Please note that the expectations for remote learning outlined above will be in place for this and any other semester that we offer the option. We have worked with local and regional officials and health experts to develop our plans, and it is critically important for you to work with us and our community to comply with our expectations and protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19 both within and beyond our campus.
In closing, we want to remind all of you that the policies and expectations set forth in the Student Handbook apply to all students, regardless of where you live this year.
Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to beginning the semester with you in the coming days.

Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

John McKnight
Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Jefferson Singer
Dean of the College