Spring Semester Plans for Campus Engagement


Dear Students, 

I hope that your first week of in-person classes is off to a great start. I also hope that you read my message earlier this week, in which I reviewed some important areas that have come to our attention about compliance with COVID-19 expectations. 

On Monday, we shifted to Alert Level 1-Green, and I wanted to share with you our vision for the semester ahead. In short, we want to do everything we can to support you in pursuing your passions. The infectious disease experts at Hartford HealthCare have been helping us think about how you might dance, sing, act, make films, perform music, compete in athletics, and engage in many other activities where, with a careful focus on protocols, the experience can be as safe as possible. Our commitment to you is simple: if it's safe, we will play, we’ll gather, and we’ll perform. 

Here is an example of some great work by a group of faculty and staff to make all that possible for you. There is now a plan to put a large stage on Tempel Green from the beginning of April to the middle of May. The stage will be equipped with “plug and play” technology for classes, dance, theater, improv, concerts, a cappella shows, clubs and organizations, and much more. We can share more details in the next month. We cannot wait to launch this outdoor community space to celebrate the many talents that you bring to this campus community. 

In the same way, our athletics staff and coaches have been working out plans to enable some kind of competition this semester. We have athletes from all three seasons (fall, winter, and spring) following a strict set of NCAA protocols and our own guidelines—supervised by our athletics staff, coaches, and Hartford HealthCare’s Sports Medicine team. The intent is to compete with institutions that are following similar testing regimens. 

We are committed to creating a vibrant academic and social experience on campus this spring and we are doing everything we can to do this while following our rigorous protocols. As the weather begins to warm up, more outdoor activities will be offered, including club sport practices, outdoor movies, pop-up food trucks, and new in-person events. We are looking forward to the return of many of the beloved spring traditions, such as senior shows, Womxn’s Empowerment Initiative, MOBROC concerts, Eclipse and TEDX. And, we are eager to implement plans to recognize and celebrate the Class of 2021 this spring in fun and socially responsible ways.

All of this is possible if we keep COVID-19 levels low on campus. This is a team effort and everyone’s everyday decisions play a role in what we can continue to do as a community. Let’s show our Camel pride in the decisions we make each and every day so that we can enjoy another successful semester together! 

If it’s safe, we will play, gather, and perform--let’s keep it safe!


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students