Update on Recent COVID-19 Cases

Dear Students, 

Good Morning! I’d like to provide you with an update on where we currently stand with COVID-19 cases. We launched the semester with a strong start as a result of your pre-arrival preparation and our onboarding process. We had three cases during the onboarding period, and 15 days later, on March 4, we had our next positive case. Two more cases emerged Friday, March 5. Through contact tracing over the weekend, we identified 17 close contacts who are in quarantine. 

The test results this past month show that through the onboarding process we successfully created a COVID-19-free campus, but this “bubble” is not impermeable. We recognize that it is important for you to have some flexibility to leave campus for essential needs (groceries, pharmacy, medical appointments). However, in recent conversations we have been having with students, it appears that some of you are leaving campus far too often and in some cases for nonessential needs. COVID-19 levels remain high in the community, so every time you leave our campus, there is a risk of contracting the virus and bringing it back to Conn. Please do not leave campus to go into the community unless it is for an essential need and there is no other way to meet that need. 

In addition to updating you on these recent cases, I have a few additional notes to share with you: 

  • Room Gatherings: I was concerned to read this past weekend’s incident reports that noted multiple rooms with gatherings well beyond the number of people permitted in rooms based on COVID-19 capacity limits. With COVID-19 potentially on campus at any given time, these capacity limits must be adhered to in order to limit the spread of the virus. The consequence of hosting these types of gatherings is to leave campus and finish the semester remotely. You can avoid this situation by limiting the number of people who are in your room at one time.   

  • Family Visitors: This weekend we had many family members arrive on campus for visits without being registered in advance. Please remember to register your family visitors online via CamelWeb.

  • Temperature Scanners: I have also heard that some of you are not consistently using the temperature scanners placed in key areas around campus. Please take the time to take your temperature. 

  • Carrying Your ID: Campus Safety received many calls this past weekend from students who did not have their IDs and could not get into their residence halls. Please carry your ID with you at all times. 

  • CT COVID-19 Expectations: Last week, you may have heard that Governor Ned Lamont announced upcoming changes to the state’s COVID-19 mandates and guidance. These changes do not affect Connecticut College’s policies and expectations. Please continue to follow the information on the Path Forward’s Student Guidance page.  

Today, we are beginning the sixth week of the semester. As I noted in my email last week, we have a lot of exciting engagement opportunities and events planned this spring, and we want to be able to accomplish it all so that you can enjoy a robust campus experience both in and out of the classroom. In order to do this, we need to keep COVID-19 off our campus and to follow the Camels Cares Pledge. Let’s keep the campus safe and avoid having to shift to Alert Level 2-Yellow or Alert Level 3-Orange.  

Thank you for your ongoing vigilance and cooperation. 


Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students