Mar. 18, 2020

Message from the Dean of Students: Update on Student Health Services

Dear Students,

I hope that your day went well as we begin to settle into this new way of living. Today, students continued to move out of their rooms and we are down to the last few days for the move-out process before we shift to remote learning.

I was a part of multiple meetings today where we talked about the many committees, trainings, and projects that will continue in an online format. We also had very creative and thoughtful discussions on the ways we will partner with the roughly 50 students who will continue to be on-campus to create a community that is connected yet also respects the CDC's guidelines for social distancing. It is a brave new world that we are entering and I have no doubt that everyone in this community is committed to being thoughtful, creative, and compassionate as our Camel community takes shape in this new form.

Today's update is on Student Health Services. Below is a message from Janet Spoltore, director of student counseling and health services. Please take a moment to review this important information.

Go Camels!

Victor Arcelus
Dean of Students

Dear Students,

Yesterday, I sent a message to you about Student Counseling Services, and today’s focus is on Student Health Services. First, it is important to remember that you should  continue to keep up with your healthcare regimen, whether that includes medication management, health education or the independent use of coping strategies and tools. We are here to assist you with this.

Similar to our limitations with counseling, it is important to note that health providers, by law, are unable to practice across state lines. While we can provide ongoing “telehealth” to students currently living in the State of Connecticut and to those living on campus, we cannot provide ongoing health services to students currently living out of state. We can, however, provide health consultations and health education via WebEx to offer guidance and connect you with the appropriate resources. Please know we are working with other national organizations to try to lift these restrictions to telehealth and will notify you if any change occurs.

Below are some general questions and answers about ongoing health management: 

I am staying on-campus. Can I access the health center?
Yes, the health center staff is on campus to assist you with your medical needs. If you are currently staying on campus, I will send you a separate message tomorrow with instructions on how to access care.  

I am off campus and need medical care. What do you recommend that I do? 
If you are in need of ongoing medical care, as would be the case during breaks in the academic calendar, you must use local providers. 

  • If you have a regular home provider, you should be in contact with that provider’s office. 

  • If you need to establish a new connection at home, here are some instructions for going through your insurance to find providers whose services are covered. 

  • If you would like to facilitate communication between your SHS provider and your home provider, please complete a release form and send it to

In the event of an immediate health emergency, contact your local emergency services via phone at 911. If you need non-urgent medical assistance, Hartford Healthcare Medical Group’s GoHealth Urgent Care facility offers virtual visits. 

I’m off campus and need assistance in managing my medications. What should I do? 
If you previously worked with medication management providers at home, now is a good time to re-engage those services. Your care can be transferred to these local medication providers. If prior to spring break you were being prescribed medication by our SHS providers and want medical information conveyed to your home provider, you must complete the SHS Release of Information form to facilitate communication between SHS and your home provider and send your completed form to

If you are seeking a new provider at home, use these instructions for finding an in-network provider through your insurance company. 

If your medications were being sent from a New London area pharmacy to campus, you will need to contact your home or local pharmacy and provide them with your current prescription information. They can reach out to the New London pharmacy to get your prescription transferred. Your new or existing home prescribers should submit your prescriptions to your local pharmacy. 

Beyond seeing a healthcare provider on or off campus, what other resources do you recommend?
We are acutely aware of how distressing a change in your anticipated post-spring break life can be and of the particular stress related to COVID-19. We have therefore created a resource to facilitate healthy coping with the present situation. You may find it here. As always, our SCS webpage has a number of mental health-focused resources. We have also created a new resource tab on the SCS webpage that is dedicated to coping with COVID-19 related distress. 

What do I do in the event of an immediate health emergency?
In the event of an immediate health emergency, contact your local emergency services via phone at 911.

We hope that this email provides you with the important information you need to take care of yourself during this time. Stay well and take very good care of yourself and the community around you. 


Janet Spoltore
Director of Student Counseling and Health Services