Apr. 8, 2020

The College Archives Wants Your COVID-19 Story

The College Archives collects and preserves materials that document ALL of Conn's history–whether it was 100 years ago or last week. It's rare to recognize something is historic as it's happening, but as we cope with a global public health crisis related to COVID-19, it is clear we are all living and making history right now. This moment in time is an important part of the Connecticut College history and the history of the world at large. Historians and future Camels will want to know how you experienced it.

The Archives is collecting stories about what it's like being a student at Conn during this time. We're looking for reflections from students across the College–away from and on campus, first years to seniors–to help tell this story. Submissions may be submitted anonymously or published after a set period of time.

You can share your story with us in one of two ways (or both!).

Short responses
Submit your reflections via an online form by responding to various prompts.

Keep a journal
Volunteer to keep a journal for the rest of the semester (or for a longer period of time) documenting your experiences. Your personal story will form an important part of the College's history that will be valuable to researchers in the future. The emphasis is on self-expression, candor and a willingness to be a social commentator. 

Your journal can take any form you like: handwritten or electronic text; voice memos to make an audio oral history; photos or videos of life as you see it; social media posts; interviews with colleagues, friends or family (please use social distancing as necessary); drawings; poems; performance pieces; etc. The experience you document is up to you as well. It can include:

  • the shift to remote learning

  • how you stay connected with the College, your classmates and your friends

  • what it's like being displaced off campus or remaining on campus

  • the experiences of international students or those with families abroad

  • how you are caring for yourself or your concerns about the future

  • anything else you want to share about your experience this semester

Journal participants will receive additional guidelines in the coming weeks. But please begin recording your experiences now.  

Please feel free to contact me at dkloiber@conncoll.edu with any questions or to volunteer.


Deborah Kloiber, M.S.I.S, CA, DAS
College Archivist/Librarian for Special Collections
Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives