Peer Advisers

Peer Advisers comprise a large and varied group of student volunteers. Among this group are:

Alana Sisters and Brothers (ASB)


International Adviser (IA)


Student Advisers (SA's)

For all Peer Advisers, their primary concern is the first-year student's adjustment to college life - residentially, socially and academically - during the first year. The SA's welcome the new arrivals and help them get settled in their residence hall and room, provide academic support for fall registration, facilitate social connections and participate in the week's Orientation activities and events.

Student Adviser Coordinators

The Student Adviser Coordinators work closely with the Associate Dean of Studies for Freshmen and Sophomores in support of the Peer Adviser Training programs for SAs. They work alongside the International Adviser Coordinators and ALANA Sister and Brother Coordinators, who oversee the advisers in their respective programs, during Peer Adviser Training, Orientation and beyond. They also work closely with the Orientation Coordinators and Committee to involve both the student adviser and first-year students in orientation.

Each coordinator represents a residential area and, as such, coordinates the student advisers in that area throughout the year. Coordinators provide support to the student advisers in their area by disbursing information, facilitating meetings, etc. They meet regularly with the Associate Dean of Studies for Freshmen and Sophomores during the spring semester in which they were chosen and as needed during the following academic year. They also serve as members of the Student Adviser Selection Committee for two years.