The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology 16th Biennial Symposium


February 15 - 17, 2018

Guidelines for Commissioned Works

September 30, 2017: Commission Submission Deadline


October 30, 2017: Commission Acceptance Notification

Commission proposals must follow the standard submission guidelines as a baseline, and must be submitted using the standard submission form

Proposals for new, original, multidisciplinary works in any medium will be accepted for a "Commissioned" category; each of the 2-3 accepted commissions will be awarded $3000 and featured in the symposium. Preference will be given for proposals by teams of two or more.

We encourage proposals that incorporate the symposium theme. Proposals must combine at least one area of creative expression with a major technology component: whether as subject matter, medium, tool or environment.

The selected teams will be granted a week-long residency leading up to the symposium including a presentation, student involvement and performance or presentation of the completed work. The proposed project must not have been previously published, performed or exhibited in its current form.

Awards will be granted at the discretion of the Program Committee. Submissions not accepted for the commissioned category may also be considered for the general submissions category if the submitting team has indicated their interest in this option on the application form.

General Information

All Submissions (Commission and General) must be submitted using the standard submission form

INTERSECTIONS Commissioned Works Guidelines (pdf)

Commission proposals must include description of the proposed project, detailed technical and production requirements, number of participants (including performers) and a proposed budget. Selected commissions will be awarded $3000 and a residency at Connecticut College between February 11 and February 17, 2018, that will include:

  • Installation/presentation/performance of the commissioned work (15 minutes maximum for performance works)
  • Scheduled rehearsals
  • Scheduled presentations and workshops for students and faculty
  • Attendance at the symposium of at least one member from each discipline pertaining to the presented work
  • Oral presentation and a paper describing the commissioned work at the symposium

Technical Requirements

Complete requirements and specifications must be included in the proposal, outlining needs to be supplied by the team and needs requested from Connecticut College. Proposal must include: requested musical instruments, audio/visual equipment, hardware, software, electrical needs, projection, lighting, construction and space requirements, etc. Drawings or schematics are highly recommended. Additional campus assistance may be available from the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, academic departments and support services based on the details of the proposal. Installation and performance space will be based on availability and assigned to projects by the committee. Please check with the Center about accommodations of your project if your requirements exceed the traditional performance/installation infrastructure.

Commission Week Schedule (February 11-17, 2018)

Sunday - arrival on campus
Monday - Technical needs meeting, set-up day
Tuesday, Wednesday - Set-up days, demonstrations, workshops and class visits with campus community
Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Symposium participation, including presentations, performances, installation as applicable.


The College will provide selected support services, materials and equipment based on availability.

Submissions must include a comprehensive outline of projected expenses that will be incurred to produce the commissioned work. All resources, including in-kind, team-supplied or items requested from Connecticut College must be clearly indicated. In-kind and team-supplied resources as well as support requested from Connecticut College will be in addition to the award amount and therefore the dollar-based estimates for these items may be omitted. The number of participants and performers and their roles in the project must be listed. Housing and meals will be supplied by Connecticut College for up to 3 participants and/or performers per commission. Travel is not included.


Awards will be given in the amount of $3000 in the form of personal stipends for each accepted commissioned work. Payment will be in two parts: 50% upon acceptance, and 50% upon successful completion of project and attendance at the symposium. Award is to be used at the discretion of the team, and no additional monies will be supplied by Connecticut College.


September 30, 2017: Commission Submission Deadline - EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 3
October 30, 2017: Commission Acceptance Notification
October 16, 2017: General Submission Deadline
November 30, 2017: General Acceptance Notification
January 15, 2018: Final Paper (pdf) Submission Deadline
February 11, 2018: Start of Residencies for Commissioned Works
February 11-14, 2018: Installation Period for Group Exhibition
February 15, 16 and 17, 2018: Symposium at Connecticut College