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Thirty-nine have co-authored peer reviewed publications and 50 have presented talks or posters. Thirty-eight of the students have been female and 27 minority students. Ten students have gone on to medical school and 18 to a graduate program in the sciences.

Students 2010 Students
  • Summer: Samuel Alvarez, Diane Essis, Shuang Song, Ramza Shahid, Ivan Leroux, Paola Peshkepija, Binse

We all attended the Mercury Conference in Undregraduate Computational Chemistry at Hamilton College and went to visit Yale

Paola, Christina, Ivan, Samuel, Diane and Ramza in fromt of the Beinecke Library

  • Fall: Samuel Alvarez, Diane Essis, Ramza Shahid, Ivan Leroux, Paola Peshkepija, Binsen Li, Tiffany Wong, Katheryn Tutunjian, Celia Medeiros, Vishwanie Persuad, Ahlam Rashid
Summer 2009 Students
  • Vishwanie Persuad, Wayne Ong, Alex Samma, Shuang Song, Chelsea Johnson, Shaun Mulcahy
Students 2008
  • Summer: Luisa Dickson; Curren Mbofana, Alicia Morgan, Wayne Ong, Vishwanie Persaud and Alex Samma. Alex, Vishwanie, Wayne and Alicia all came to the ACS NERM meeting in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Spring: Curren Mbofana, Colleen Megley and Alicia Morgan
Students 2007
  • Summer: Elizabeth Archer; Luisa Dickson; Colleen Megley and Alicia Morgan
2007 students
  Alicia, Elizabeth, Luisa and Colleen showing off their summer '07 T-shirts.

  • Spring: Scott Maddalo; Nate Lemay; Andrew Weber
Scott presented his work on Capital Hill and we posed for a photograph with Hillary Clinton.
  • In January Curren Mbofana, Justin Rosenberg, Emily Ricketson and Nate Lemay went to the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Jose
Nate, Curren, Emily and Justin at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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