Unity House

Welcome to Unity House! As Connecticut College's multicultural center, Unity House contributes to the educational mission of the College by providing leadership and support in the College's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.

Our goal is to nurture and empower underrepresented throughout their journey to academic and personal excellence while collaborating with various offices and departments to foster a campus-wide environment where awareness and open dialogues on diversity issues can occur.

Every day at Unity, you can find students of all backgrounds sharing in the community as they find spaces of comfort in our lounge areas, while on many specific days we feature culturally affirming and educational programs during our various cultural-themed months.

We cultivate leadership skills for students active in the various student organizations affiliated with Unity House. And we run mentorship programs and create academic programming that contributes to our students' success in their four years at Connecticut College.

Our staff strives to create a supportive and welcoming environment to all of our students while upholding our commitment to those for whom this Center was originally created to serve.

We invite you to browse through our site and familiarize yourself with all that we offer and encourage you to visit us at Unity House.

We look forward to meeting you.

Antonio Jefferson