Class Gift Officer

Connecticut College’s Class Gift Officer program is a dedicated network of 130+ alumni volunteers who work with Connecticut College Fund staff to promote fundraising initiatives and engagement opportunities with their classmates. Passionate about Connecticut College, Class Gift Officers play an important role in keeping alumni connected to the College and creating a sense of community among classmates.

Class Gift Officer core responsibilities include:

  • Make an annual gift to the Connecticut College Fund.
  • Communicate the impact of giving to Conn among peers.
  • Encourage classmates to make a gift to Conn through personalized, peer-to-peer outreach via email, phone and/or social media from a self-selected contact list.
  • Send thank you messages to donors.
  • Approve class fundraising letters and emails to classmates.


Why Volunteer?

Class Gift Officers are crucial to the success of the Connecticut College Fund and help increase overall participation and dollars to the College. Alumni are three times more likely to donate when asked to do so by a peer. By encouraging classmates to give you share experiences, successes and why you choose to give. Your influence helps create opportunities for Conn students today and into the future. 

Class Managers

1940-1949          Gwen Hay, 860-439-2402,
1950-1966          Lynne Crider, 860-439-2423, 
1967-1972          Brittany Richard, 860-439-2406, 
1973-1983          Ellen Bremner,860-439-2413, 
1984-1993          Stephanie Schilke, 860-439-2414, 
1994-1999          Brittany Richard, 860-439-2406, 
2000-2004          Ellen Bremner, 860-439-2413, 
2005-2019          Jenna McClain, 860-439-2301, 

Interested in becoming a Class Gift Officer? Contact Ellen Bremner, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at or 860-439-2413 or click the volunteer interest form below.

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