Abbe Walker

Abbe Walker

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

Joined Connecticut College: 2018

B.A., Florida State University
M.A., Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College


Social History

Greek Religion


Late Antiquity

Christianization of Roman Empire

Abbe Walker's research and teaching interests focus on Greek religion, transitional and marginal figures in society, gender in antiquity, and the role of women in early Christian asceticism. 

Her forthcoming monograph, Bride of Hades to Bride of Christ: The Virgin and the Otherworldly Bridegroom in Ancient Greece and Early Christian Rome (Routledge Press), takes an original approach to illuminating gender in antiquity by juxtaposing the metaphor of the ‘bride of Hades’—elaborated in various ways in Greek poetry, tragedy, medical treatises and epitaphs—with that of the ‘bride of Christ,’ the label applied to the life-long Christian virgin, particularly in the works of Latin Church Fathers like Jerome, Ambrose and Augustine. This study shows that the trope of the otherworldly bridegroom is a rhetorical strategy used to handle the problem of a girl’s denied or disrupted transition into adulthood by placing her back within the familiar social structures of patriarchal society.

Abbe teaches courses in ancient Greek and Latin language and literature at all levels, as well as Classics courses on topics such as “Women in the Ancient World,” “Magic in the Greco-Roman World” and “Classical Mythology.”

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